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With respect to insurance covered by an agreement with the company, our purpose is to follow up on these payments, since we must recover the money from these insurances, for the services that the patient/client performs in the company. With this process the following activities are carried out:

• Generation and submission of claims.

• Generation and sending of pre-authorization.

Our goal is to help build planning, organization, direction and control of our client’s finances. Therefore, we execute the day-end closing, analyze and deliver statistics of the production carried out, keep the history in the patient / client account and deliver a collection account to the person who requires it, of the services and payments made in the company. With this process we perform the following activities:

•  Agenda closure.

•  Payment entry - Private patients.

•  Income from insurance payments.

•  Submission of weekly, monthly and annual statistics.

• Creation of collection accounts for patients / clients.

•  Money refund (Depending on the case  with the patient / client).

•  Review of patient/client accounts, in case of being in debt with the company.

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